TPToA Podcast 294 – Disenchanted

Following on from the 2007 Disney Fairy-tale musical, semi-parody Enchanted, comes the inevitable Disney+ nostalgia bait fodder sequel Disenchanted! More Amy Adams, more Mc Dreamy, more magic and music… Only this time in the most dangerous place of all… The suburbs! Oh, and finally they let Idina MenzeI actually sing! Hoick up your garters and gather your petticoats, Disney fans, it’s time to talk Princesses!

Jill-zelle and Peta are taking the dual roles of being both the Princesses and the Wicked Step-mothers. While Quinny is definitely an animated sidekick of some kind… we aren’t sure if he’s a cute one or not though….

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A mildly entertaining but entirely unnecessary sequel to a really fun film
Enchanted still stands as a high water mark for Disney Princesses and a subversive take on the Genre. Disenchanted is not. It lives up to its name.
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