TPToA Podcast 298 – New Year, New Me: Recovery 2023

For our first show back for the year 2023, we thought it prudent to ease in to it all a bit; not to go too hard to too fast, and just try to look back on what bits and bobs we have been watching for the summer holiday. Which of course means: IT’S A CLIP SHOW!

That’s right the kind of show that requires Dion to work harder than ever while Jill, peta and Quinny just talk about the visual material they have ingested! It’s Willow and Wednesday, It’s The Recruit and It’s White Lotus,  and it’ always Irreverent. While  the Avataristic blue cat folks have been monopolising the cinemas we have managed to see a few surprising films  as well. With RRR, The Wandering Earth and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish all rating a mention.

We will be dropping a full monthly schedule soon, but for now we happily welcome you back to the Periodic Table fold for 2023!

As always, a very happy New Year and a huge thank-you to those who join in with the conversation on the Twitch stream, live on each Tuesday night at 7:30pm AEDT. And an especially huge thanks to any of you who are kind enough to support us by gifting us a tip in our jar via Ko-Fi, or subscribing on twitch… every bit helps us to bring you more content. now in our 7th year!

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