TPToA Podcast 327 – Deadloch

Welcome to Deadloch; the home of the "Yeah-Noir"
The awkward love-child of the "Quirky Australian Comedy" and the "Gritty Australian Crime Drama". it's wildly uneven, it's got a big barrier to entry... but it pays off with some real gold in the end. The progenitor of "Bogan Gothic"
Elske Norge
Tari Elven
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This Podcast may be the most swearing and profanity riddled show we have ever done…. but it’s also about a surprising Amazon Prime comedy-crime-thriller series set in the fictional Tasmanian seaside (and weirdly rural?) town of Deadloch. It’s unashamedly weird, and it manages to be surprising at every turn. Plus it’s creative use of the C word is borderline operatic.

The pack of c***s in the review for this episode are Jill and Peta representing the non-Taswegians, Dion repping the ring-in Tassie folks and Quinny flying the flag for his home state!

The beguilingly sleepy settlement of Deadloch on Tasmania’s coast, is shaken when the body of a local man turns up dead on the beach. Two female detectives, Dulcie and Eddie reluctantly take charge of the investigation together, aided by overeager constable Abby and the mostly dependable Sven. The death coinciding with the town’s annual Winter Feastival – a celebration of local arts, cuisine and culture – forces Dulcie and Eddie to cope with each other’s drastically opposing investigative styles, and discover what secrets are being hidden in a place struggling to disguise the deep rifts that are slowly splitting it and the lives of its residents in two.

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