TPToA Podcast 335 – Halloween Spook-Cuterie Board

This weeks spook-tacular halloween special is a plastic pumpkin themed bucket chock full of tasty horrific treats and sadly the occasional nasty trick too. We decided to cover as much ground as possible and have watched an absolute tonne of Horror or horror adjacent movies and TV this month so you can scare yourselves silly.  The Terrifying Team was Dion Lasso, Bat-Jill, Cat-Peta and Quinn-Chi!

The timecode list of these candied cinematic treats are as follows:

14:50 Last Voyage of the Demeter

22:00 Totally Killer

30:17 – No One Will Save You.

38:17 The Boogeyman

49:06 Vivarium

54:30 Talk to Me

1:03:15 Five Nights at Freddies

1:12:50 Jill’s Horror Round-up

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