TPToA Podcast 350 – “Nobody told me it was a Musical!” featuring Wonka, Mean Girls, Hazbin Hotel and more!

Have you ever just been watching a movie, a regular, every-day movie, and then WHAM! A song bursts in and assaults you completely unexpectedly! You are shocked, you are lying bloodied and broken, your toe tapping reflexively… You have been blindsided by a musical, and you could be entitled to compensation.  There’s a strange trend in recent years of not showing any elements in the trailer that might indicate that the film is in fact a musical… Why is this?  To explore the question we have looked at a couple of recent items that have followed the trend to varying different levels of success and quality.

In this show, Dion, Peta, Jill and Quinny are the musical chorus, while the films Mean Girls and Wonka, take centre stage, and Hazbin Hotel provides the foul mouthed, animated comic relief!

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