TPToA Podcast 355 – 3 Body Problem

A bold and bizarre adaptation of a deeply difficult novel series.
the books are heavy HEAVY science focused Sci-Fi, it was always going to be had to adapt to the small screen. it's also very much rooted in a different cultural outlook. This makes for some odd and potentially alienating viewing for a western audience.
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In this podcast we are counting down to look deep into the heart of the universe and see which of us blinks first. For once, that result isn’t a forgone conclusion. 3bodyproblem is the new netflix show based on the hugely popular book series the “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” trilogy by Liu Cixin. This first story, The 3 Body Problem is a mind bending science fiction tale with a very unique style and flavour, that has already been adapted to TV screens last year in China. Is this Netflix version any good? Is it dense as hell? Is it remotely like it’s source material? Or should we dry it, roll it up and throw it into the ocean?

Dion, Peta and the returning Quinny are the scientific advisors on this podcast, and their advice?: learn some hefty science folks… you’re gonna need it.

The story begins in 1960s China when a young woman makes a fateful decision that reverberates across space and time into the present day. When the laws of nature inexplicably unravel, a tight-knit group of brilliant scientists must join forces with an unflinching detective to stop humanity’s greatest threat.


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