TPToA Presents – DC (Drunk Cinema) – Aquaman

It’s 2020 friends and that means it’s time for something a bit different! In this podcast we’re experimenting with DC or “Drunk Cinema” as we sit down with Jill to make her endur… experience, the glory that is the Jason Momoa action-adventure vehicle; ‘Aquaman‘. We didn’t have the benefit of alcohol for the first review, so this time around we discover whether it does actually make the film better, or failing that; how many drinks it takes to enjoy yourself.

Join Dion and Bec as they “help” Jill get to the bottom of the sea with DC – Aquaman!

*TPToA promotes the responsibly consumption of alcohol when it indeed proves beneficial to enjoying a film. No children or animals were harmed in this podcast recording, but a few brain cells didn’t make it.