Sex Education Season 2 – TPToA Podcast 152

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Possibly TV's most inclusive, diverse and representative series
Educational! Includes a lot of really valid and valuable tips for sexual and emotional wellbeing.
Validating! Depicts complex life experiences with compassion, authenticity and nuance.
A few well-known individuals act inconsistently or 'out of character', implying a lack of continuity.
Some of the farce is a little too broad.
There's really no third thing; we just like this.

Way back in Podcast 103, we reviewed the first season of Netflix’s Sex Education… and almost a year to the day later, we’re back to unpack season two. Join Bec, Peta and our producer Fel as they talk through the ups, downs, ins and outs of TV’s most woke series.
Sex Education — and the best podcasts — depend on “Trust, talking and truth”…