A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – TPToA Podcast 154

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A story likely to warm the most cynical heart
Well-executed fictionalised portrayals of real-life legends
Creative direction and storytelling approaches add depth and dimension to a biopic
You may be forced to confront your past or long-buried emotions
You are probably gonna choke up at something but that's OK
Mister Rogers isn't on TV anymore (but there's always YouTube for old episodes)

It’s a beautiful day here in the #TPToA neighbourhood, where your friends Quinny, Dion, Lady Jill and Miss Fel have met up to discuss A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood. Director Marielle Heller‘s wholesome and uplifting film explores what happened when cynical features journalist Lloyd Vogel (played by Matthew Rhys but based on real-life Esquire magazine writer Tom Junod) is tasked with the challenge of interviewing the legendary children’s TV presenter Mister Fred Rogers (portrayed here by Tom Hanks). Will the jaded investigative reporter dig up dirt on a childhood hero and dash our youthful innocence once again… or will Fred Rogers’ magical ability to bring out everyone’s inner child win the day?