Aquaman – TPToA Podcast 100


It’s our 100th episode!!! And for this momentous occasion both Dion and Quinny have stepped up to claim their rightful place as bearded, handsome monarchs on the throne of Atlantis! Who will win their titanic battle for underwater supremacy? Who knows! We do know that Aquaman is the next in line to the currently empty throne that is the DC Cinematic Universe and it has a big fight ahead of it. Does it surpass Wonder Woman ‘s current high-water mark? Or is it just leaving a ring around the tub? Find out in this momentous Podcast review.

As it’s our 100th episode we are celebrating and we would love for you to get involved. We want you to send us your favourite moments, memories, clips, or recorded messages, so that we can incorporate them into our first listener special that’s all about YOU.

Send your clips or emails to and make sure they are marked “100th episode feedback”. We will combined these items into a fun podcast that is all about us getting to know you.

Thank you for your support for our first 100 shows and also for being with us in 2018. We’re looking forward to a huge 2019 where i’m sure we’ll go… To Infinity and Beyond!

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The production design and world-building are top-notch
It's just insane, so go with it
It is an action adventure that barrels along at top pace
The dialogue is pretty terrible
Pull at the loose plot threads and it rapidly unravels
Temuera Morrison's weird hair is….weird.