Arthurian Myths: The Once and Future Thing – TPToA Podcast 176

In this weeks podcast we took the new series Cursed on Netflix as our leaping-off point for a broad and wandering exploration of the films and TV shows based on Arthurian myths and legends! From tenuous links to seminal classics, we seek out the Holy Grail of good Arthurian stories, be they animated, live action feature or short.

King Dion and Queen Quinnevere are joined at the Zoom round table by our resident Sorcerer, Jillian Le Fay and the Lady in the Lake herself, Peta: Lobbing scimitars of truth at monarchs since 800AD.

As always thanks to the Knights of the Twitch who joined the conversation live on the Twitch stream. We are live each Tuesday night at 7:30pm AEST.

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