Avenue 5 – TPToA Podcast 164

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A bitingly sarcastic and bleak commentary on greed and politics in a humorous sci-fi setting
Well drawn characters who you can really love to hate
A masterclass in escalation humour that ratchets up impressively
If you dislike Poo jokes and scatalogical humour you may struggle with the series
The complete lack of likeable (or redeemable) characters is hard on the soul
the occasionally rubbery science comes close to breaking the suspension of disbelief

Armando Iannucci‘s body of work reveals his deep distrust of humanity and fascination with our darkest drives. From ‘The Thick of It‘ and ‘In The Loop‘ to ‘Veep‘ and ‘The Death of Stalin‘, Iannucci explores the inevitable corruption that power brings. Now he’s training his politically astute, cynical, almost nihilistic eye on sci-fi… and the bright, shiny idea of luxury space cruises. Because nothing has EVER gone wrong on a luxury cruise…

Dion, Quinny, Jill and Peta come aboard the Avenue 5 for this science-fiction comedy that is as black and cold as the depths of space itself. Will Hugh Laurie’s natural charm be enough to bring us safely home? Or should this series have been booted out the airlock already?