Bandersnatch – TPToA Podcast 102


Bandersnatch is a bleak, bold new story-delivery from Netflix and the mind of Charlie Brooker. Part television event, part game, part misanthropic dystopian choose-your-own-adventure, Bandersnatch responds to the question: “What if I could control the story’s protagonist’s choices?”. Join Dion, Bec (Ardella), and Peta-Producer as they try to figure out if there’s a “good” ending worth fighting for, or whether you’re wasting your time by trying again.

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A bold initiative to create hybrid television
Has amazing production design and production coordination
An innovative shake-up for how streaming services can operate
Somewhat fails as a game narrative, but that's not really the point
Requires significant time investment to get all the pathways out
Bandersnatch is from the Black Mirror team, so expect 'the darkest timeline'