Carnival Row – TPToA Podcast 132

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a beautifully detailed living breathing world with fantastic design throughout.
Intriguing plot threads and big ideas that definitely warrant exploration
Orlando Bloom is doing some of his best work here, even fully clothed.
it is plodding, leaden and dull, but also unevenly paced and confusing.
It has so many ideas that it forgets half of them and you're left wondering what happened.
The core plot takes a long time to emerge and you may not care by the time it does.

Carnival Row is the new fantasy/horror/romance series from Amazon Prime, that focuses on the doomed love affair of hard-bitten Police inspector Rycroft Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) and Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delvigne); his long-lost faerie love. This fae power-couple (voted “Most Likely to Change Their Names” at school) eke out a harsh existence in The Burgue, a newly industrialised city awash with refugee mythological creatures.

Tensions run high there in this city of steel and shadows, much as they also do in this podcast; where Peta and special guest Dr Anna Kamaralli go head to head with Dion, Quinny and Jill over the qualities and quandries that this show has provided.

Does this one get a round of applause? Or should we leave this Faerie to stay dead?