Dungeons & Dragons – TPToA Podcast 19

Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson’s 70’s brainchild Dungeons & Dragons is one of the worlds most enduring and imaginative pastimes. Some folks have been playing it, and other ‘pen and paper’ role-playing games, since their inception, while some of us have been on board since the 90’s! We’ve rolled a thousand dice and scribbled on hundreds of character sheets. We’ve drawn pictures of our characters and told stories of their adventures to our slightly bored looking friends. We even saw and loved the animated series in the 80’s!

But there were also dark times in the year 2000. They released a film based on the world of D&D and it was clear; the love affair was over. Sharpen your pencils, bust out the D20’s and join Dion, Quinny and special guest Ardella as they find out that all the wowsers who were afraid of Dungeons & Dragons in the 80’s actually did have something to fear…


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The best thing about it are actors chewing the scenery
D&D is great fun and great for the imagination
The whole thing is really awful
No it really is awful