Lockdown Comfort Watch – TPToA Podcast 168

The #TPToA team are all rugged-up on their big snuggly couches, in their comfiest pants and slippers and they’re ready to settle in for a HUGE podcast stuffed full of the televisual equivalent of comfort eating.

What have we all been watching to get us through this lockdown? What episodic pleasures (guilty or otherwise) have we returned to for solace in these “trying times” and are they jam-packed with the empty calories of nostalgia, or are we simply indulging in the TV soul-food we all need?

Dion and Quinny are crowded onto the virtual podcast couch with four wonderful co-hosts in Jill, Peta, Fel and the greatly missed Bec, for this epic two and quarter hour show!

If you’d like to see the videos we refer to in the live broadcast we suggest checking out our Twitch stream recording below!

Watch TPToA LIVE! Join the TPToA crew as they chat about the latest visual media they’ve been watching! from ThePeriodicTableofAwesome on www.twitch.tv

The audio only podcast features the beautiful TV binge-watching ballad “One More Episode” with thanks to our friends at Kirby Krackle!

You may also enjoy their new lockdown inspired song “Quaransheen” which was, of course, recorded entirely in their home.