Logan Review (Spoilers) – TPToA Podcast 12

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A harrowing and emotional denoument
A great film that transcends the genre
A rough journey for any fans of the comics or films
The villains are sadly a little disappointing, but this isn't a movie about the villains.

BE WARNED: THE PODCAST IS DARK AND FULL OF SPOILERS. The first 20 minutes are spoiler-free, but the remaining hour is a spoilerific, no-holds-barred, full-throttle dive into the details of Logan. Late last year it was revealed that this will be the last time Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart appear in 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise. Their respective performances as Logan and Charles Xavier are wonderfully supported by newcomer Dafne Keen as Laura/X-23 and Stephen Merchant as Caliban, who are all fleeing the clutches of Boyd Holbrook (cyborg mercenary Donald Pierce), and Richard E. Grant (evil scientist Zander Rice).

We discuss Logan with Ardella Cosplay and Jill (Breathless_ness) from Kapow, and basically had an epic group therapy session. We loved the hell out of Logan, and we hope you do too!