Nolan North Interview – TPToA Podcast 28

He’s the man of a thousand voices and, no, it’s not Mel Blanc… it’s the NEW man of a thousand voices: Nolan North! Star of the Uncharted game series, the Arkham Asylum games, Deadpool, Destiny, Call of Duty 2, Assassins Creed, TMNT, Transformers Prime, Rick and Morty, Destroy All Humans!, Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor… honestly this could take a while. Please just go and look at his IMDB list, we’ll just go with:

“The Amazing Voice of Almost Everyone, Ever.”

We had the distinct pleasure of sitting down to chat with Nolan when he was in Australia recently and brought along his tools of the trade – microphones! So we thought we’d record it for you, too!

Nolan North appears on The Periodic Table of Awesome Podcast courtesy of Supanova Comic Con & Gaming.