Project Power and DC Fandome – TPToA Podcast 180

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Some impressive special effects at play
There are creative fight sequences that we haven't seen before
Joseph Gordon Levitt is immensely watchable in most anything.
Theres a thing about the pistol shrimp that is just ridiculous.
It falls back on obvious tropes WAY too readily.
Some of the plot twists feel completely mishandled and underplayed.

PROJECT POWER is the new super-powered Netflix film starring Dominique Fishback, Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt. It follows the misadventures of a group of ne’er do wells as they attempt to unravel the mystery behind a new kind of drug that gives the user actual super powers for 5 minutes.

Quinny and Dion are joined by Peta and Jill to see if this (surprisingly) big-budget little film, is a bitter pill to swallow or if we just need a spoon full of sugar to help this medicine go down.

As an addendum this week we looked at winners and losers of the DC FANDOME event that occurred on August the 22nd, while looking ahead to the second half of it coming up in September. Of course, as a part of that, we got excited for new trailers… because thats what we do around here.

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