Raised by Wolves – TPToA Podcast 183

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Incredible world building using detailed and beautiful visuals
A fascinating collection of BIG idea-based sci-fi explorations
An engaging mysterious set up that really entices the viewer to know more about these characters.
It's a singular vision; very strange and alienating. It is not worried if you like it or not.
Some of the "Big Ideas" are well trodden paths and aren't breaking new ground.
It risks being a bunch of set-ups with not enough pay-offs: Mysteries for mysteries sake.

Raised by Wolves is Ridley Scott‘s return to his comfort zone of science fiction but this time on a TV budget in an episodic format. He’s in safe territory here with ambivalent androgynous androids, religious allusions and of course some creepy alien monsters to boot. Starring Amanda Collin and Travis Fimmel, the series is truly a visual feast, but is it a narrative famine?

Dion and Quinny have left the rest of the crew in hypersleep for this episode, but given the technicals gremlins we experienced; they were probably safer there anyway.

The entire techincally befuddling Twitch recording is available here.

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