Ralph Breaks The Internet – TPToA Podcast 101

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Ralph Breaks the Internet is the follow up to 2012’s incredibly successful Wreck It Ralph. Quinny and Dion interrogate our intrepid, roving reviewers Bec (Ardella Cosplay) and Jill (Breathless-ness) on whether or not this sequel manages to maintain the careful balancing act of wistful nostalgia vs modern storytelling, that the first film handled so well.

Does Ralph actually break things? Is it entertaining? Why doesn’t he wreck the internet? (that is his schtick isn’t it?) All these questions and more will be asked and answered in this festive podcast!

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A treasure trove of references, easter eggs and surprises for fans of all franchises
An interesting central conceit about healthy relationships and strong friendships.
Visually stunning with loveable characters you have grown fond of
Feels a bit derivative and like many of the ideas have been seen before
The central idea may be a bit heavy for younger viewers
easter eggs and references do not, a plot, make