Spider-Man: Homecoming (Spoilers) – TPToA Podcast 31

While Quinny’s away, the Black Cats will play, and that means D sneaking off to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming while Q is hosting at Haven Expo. Dion is joined by our regular #TPToA guest-hosts Ardella Cosplay and BreathlessNess to talk about Spideys, Vultures, Iron Men, Hogans and the Sony/Marvel Universe. The first part is spoiler-free, but after that…WATCH OUT! Here comes the Spider-Man!


Reader Rating2 Votes
The best Peter Parker on screen yet.
Full of confident, well understood and fun characters.
A much needed breath of fresh air into the character, and a deft Marvel hand
Minor issues with some web-slinging CGI
Noted lack of Uncle Ben