Stranger Things Season 3 – TPToA Podcast 125

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More of that sugary sweet nostalgia they've hooked us on
Great monsters and entertaining performances by a strong cast
A well realised world and a new story that feels fresh but familiar
Some editing could have done with a tighten up; it drags
Some of the subtlety of previous seasons is gone
Tonally it is uneven sometimes feeling child-like and sometimes horrifically adult

Stranger Things 3 Podcast Review

Warning: this podcast is entirely spoiler-filled, so if you aren’t up to speed on Season 3 of Netflix’s Stranger Things you’ll probably want to watch it before listening to this. Subscribe on your podcast app to download episodes weekly, so you can store them until you’re ready! 

Join Jill / Breathless_ness, Dion and Quinny as they get comfy for a Netflix binge of epic proportions and a review to match! Childhood nostalgia and body horror are the order of the day, along with some tasty ice-cream. Is the third time a charm for this ’80s-inflected horror romp?  Or should we all just ride our bikes into the sunset (or the Upside Down)?