Ted Lasso – TPToA Podcast 186

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It's a warm, bubbly, wholesome, heartfelt hug of a show that isn't weak or sickly.
Ted grows on you and manages to elevate himself beyond being a one note gag to becoming a character you empathise with
The cast is uniformly incredible and revel in being given enough to do and the space to play
It's a long wait to the next season.
1/2 hour shows sometimes feel like they aren't enough... though any more would be dangerous.
some folks may not like the swearing?
The offerings on Apple+ have been a mixed bag: some shows definitely justify the subscription price, but others feel more like filler than killer. ‘Ted Lasso‘, co-created by its star Jason Sudeikis, is most definitely a winner!
Sudeikis stars as the titular character, an American Football (NFL) coach from Kansas who’s unexpectedly imported to England to try to change the fortunes of a failing Premier League football (aka soccer) team.
At first, this doesn’t seem like a series that #TPToA fans of pop-culture would love, but… just trust us on this one!
Coach Dion and Kit Boy Quinny have just one player on the pitch for this episode: all-purpose MVP Captain, Wing, Striker and Goalie Peta, but together Team TPToA is determined to bring this one home for a victory! Football is Life!

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