Teen Titans Go! To the Movies – TPToA Podcast 85

Felicity and Quinny are joined by the wonderfully articulate Byrne family (#SickByrnes!) to review the first cinematic outing in the animated adventures of Teen Titans Go!

To properly review a family movie, we needed to consult some experts, so Oscar and Emily – our officially designated Young People – are joined by their delightful parents Sally and Seamus Byrne (who tech aficionados will know from his work on Gizmodo, C-Net and ScienceAlert). Even if you’ve never seen an episode of Teen Titans Go! we recommend this movie – it’s got something for everyone!

This review is mostly spoiler free, but some jokes are too good to keep fully under wraps, so be warned… here be laughter!

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More jokes and higher laughs per minute ratio than Deadpool 2!
Surprising and creative plot that is fresh and unlike anything else.
Does a better job of handling DC characters than Justice League.
Moments where the pace slows may be too slow for younger kids.
Characters feel different from the TV show source material.
More focus could have been put onto the team as opposed to just Robin.
miles per AWESOME