The Babysitter – TPToA Podcast 66

After an unexpected technology-related break, Dion and Quinny are back with a review of a 2017 Netflix Original: The Babysitter. Directed by early-2000s wünderkind McG, The Babysitter (not our usual fare) only made it onto our radar when we stumbled upon the trailer. Remember the olden days when every rented VHS had a few random trailers before the feature? Come with us on a nostalgia trip to the horror aisle of the video store and discover that rarest of finds: a movie you’ve never heard of…

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Surprisingly intelligent and progressive in some of its themes
Well written scenes filled with pop-culturally aware references, from fun and engaging characters
Plays with the tropes of the horror genre without descending into cliché
In trying to ironically reference the exploitative nature of horror it still somehow exploits women
It's fluff. There's nothing much deeper going on here