The Boys: Season 2 – TPToA Podcast 184

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It's fun spending time with the same hard edged characters and irreverent humour
Some of the themes are surprisingly poignant in todays morally ambiguous society
It still looks amazing and has a scope and seriousness of production design that grounds it well
If you don't like extreme violence and gore then this one really isn't for you.
Some of the little rays of positivity from season one are shining less bright in season 2
A few major characters feel like they're taking a back seat this time around.

We’ve girded our loins and hammered our courage to the sticking place: Amazon Prime Video‘s comic-based superseries The Boys returns for a second blood-soaked season of morally reprehensible “fun”!

The Boys is diverging from its comic-book origins in order to evolve into something new: a dark reflection of the warped world which now surrounds us. (Does the world really need to BE any darker, you ask? Possibly not!)

Dion, Quinny and Peta may not be juiced with Compound V, but they’re super-powered when it comes to sidestepping the technical issues and pitfalls of live podcast production via Zoom in a global pandemic!

This entire technically-challenged recording is available on Youtube, where you can see our actual faces

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