The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance – TPToA Podcast 130

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An expansive secondary world fantasy story with epic scope and breathtaking scale.
An intriguing story that complements the original movie while expanding on its ideas
Stunning visuals, beautiful design and nice use of understated CGI
The more puppet-like elements occasionally strain the suspension of disbelief
The Gelfling's inability to really emote sometimes alienates the viewer
This is an adult fantasy series, told by muppets. This may fall between the cracks of adult and child viewers.

Its been 37 years since the release of The Dark Crystal; Jim Henson and Frank Oz‘s fantasy film which was clearly ahead of it’s time in 1982 and unfortunately, also ahead of the audience’s desire to watch it.  Although unsuccessful in cinemas it found it’s place in the home video market and went on to become a cult classic. Now thanks to Netflix we return to the world of Thra, some 50 odd years before the events of the film occur! The Crystal and it’s protectors, the Skeksis are still there, but this time so are thousands of Gelflings and a fully developed society!

Dion and Quinny are joined by a full house of Jill/ Breathless_ness, Bec/Ardella and Peta to discuss these first half of the season, of the upcoming Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. There are numerous levels of experience and nostalgia here in this team, ranging from being life-long childhood fans to others never having seen the original at all! No matter you own relationship with The Dark Crystal; we got you covered.