“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”
With this line begins one of the best loved and longest running fantasy novel series in recent history: Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Featuring a narrative that manages to successfully weave plot threads, characters and elements from many of King’s other works into one sprawling story, The Dark Tower is a huge fan favourite.

Now the time has come for it to be translated to the big screen, and Dion and Quinny have seen the final product.  Is it a faithful adaptation of the epic seven-book series? Or is this a poorly-written novella with a disappointing twist? Have you read all the books in the series? Join us on Facebook to say your piece.


The Dark Tower (Spoilers) - TPToA Podcast 38
Idris Elba makes a damn fine Gunslinger, his gun-play is badass.The worlds these characters inhabit are detailed and interesting.
Fails to strike a comfortable tone or style throughout.Not enough detail for fans of the books, and too much history for newbies.
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