Guillermo Del Toro is an intriguing director whose creations have spanned from the ridiculous to the sublime… and in some cases, the sublimely ridiculous. His fascination with the beauty and majesty of monsters has been a hallmark of his work, along with his desire to explore the place of the outsider; these themes have crystallised in The Shape of Water. Dion and Quinny are joined by Felicity and Bec to discuss this captivating critically acclaimed & Oscar-nominated film.


The Shape of Water - TPToA Podcast 58
A beautiful, lyrical film full of magic and fantastic elements.A biting social commentary with fantastically nuanced characters, existing on the fringes of society.Del Toro's skills are on top form here, with beautiful monsters, monstrous humans and a fairy tale aesthetic throughout.
The violence and gore elements may be distasteful to some viewers.The central romantic story did not work for everyone.
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