The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 – TPToA Podcast 178

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A more balanced season that gives a broader view of the characters lives.
The first seven minutes of the season is awesome action packed coolness.
Five is an incredible lead and the weight of the show falls on his shoulders.
It gets a bit wandery at times and some episodes feel unnecessary.
Some of the new characters really lack the interest of those that are now missing.
In some ways it feels a bit like its repeating plot points of season 1.

The cavalcade of Neflix comic-book adaptations continues! With a successful first series under their belt, it’s time for the misfits of The Umbrella Academy to return for their sophomore year.
After an initial season spent stopping an apocalypse in 2019 the siblings are split up across the first three years of the 1960s with another apocalypse already knocking on their door for season 2.

Quinny has gathered three amazing super-powered sisters: Peta, Jill and Bec, to secretly undermine the cult of Dion, in this podcast that eschews the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey in favour of a linear plot and NO TIME TRAVEL B*LLSH%t! Will they overcome this cult of the dastardly dude?  Do they care more about the storyline of the TV show they are reviewing? Find out in this weeks earth-shaking episode!

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