Utopia (USA) – TPToA Podcast 187

Utopia (USA) – TPToA Podcast 187
Not as interesting as it's originator
A faster paced and less involved US remake of a 2013 produced TV show, that has failed to update for a 2020 audience.
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It's scarily prescient in it's reflection of the world around us
John Cusack is an appropriately creepy presence in the story
It's predictable and formulaic as hell; what should be breadcrumbs of plot are entire loaves of exposition
Its hard to really care much about any of the characters

Way back in 2014 we reviewed the UK version of Utopia (in Episode 00F) and had a lot of good things to say about it. Now, 6 years later, we’re looking at the US remake on Amazon and learning that a show about killer pandemics is much less fun when you’re living in one.

Quinny, Dion Jill and Peta are all diving head-first down the rabbit hole this week to find out what each of them has done, to earn their place in this crowded podcast.

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