Warrior Nun – TPToA Podcast 175

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The second half of the series is a much tighter more fun show.
Some of the action beats are really exciting and well choreographed.
A broad range of diverse and interesting characters populate the 10 episodes
The first half of the series is tedium personified… waffly and unfocused.
The pacing of the whole series feels inconsistent and major plot beats go nowhere.
Some major characters get forgotten about entirely and others are given not enough time.
Thee godawful narration should have been exorcised… with extreme prejudice

This week we are looking at the absolute best angelic-halo-powered-Catholic-superhero-nun show bar “Nun”.  But let’s be frank, there ain’t much competition.

Warrior Nun is based on the comic-book series “Warrior Nun Areala” produced by Antarctic Press in the mid ’90s and has now been brought to the small screen in a ten episode run on comic-book-property-hungry Netflix.

Dion and Quinny are joined by our own Nuns on the Run Jill and Peta as they dissect whether superpowers and catholicism make for comfortable bedfellows.

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